Huff n Puff Thirlmere

Every once in a while, a person’s passions will all come together for one amazing experience.

So it was in March in the small NSW town of Thirlmere, home of the NSW Railway Museum, and Hub of all things preserved steam. The occasion was the annual Festival of Steam, back after a Covid break, and the inaugural Huff n Puff Fun Run, where competitors raced a 100 year old steam train 6.5km from Buxton back to the finish line at the Museum.

I have long been a lover of steam trains, and to combine it with my more recent passions of endurance sport and race timing seemed too good to be true. But not only was it happening, it was happening right beside me – the main staging area for the 6 steam locos involved in the Festival was no more than 20 metres away from where I sat. While waiting for the runners, I had nothing to do but admire century-old steam engineering looking its best.

The runners had a good time too, and from all indications the organisers at Wollondilly Council were more than happy with the event, and it will return for next year’s Festival. I for one can’t wait.

Full results, including who beat the train, HERE

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